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Talk Beauty with SHRAY

What Causes Seasonal Skin Allergies?

by Hao-Ching Chang |  | 1 comment

Have you ever experienced cold-like symptoms just as the seasons start to change? What about skin irritations? If the answer is yes, worry not - it's normal! There are many symptoms of seasonal allergies, but the kind that's least talked about is skin allergies. Let's look at why, exactly, do certain people experience skin allergies when seasons change. When the seasons...

SKIN TYPE QUIZ: Do You Really Know What Skin Type You Have?

by Cindy Sim |

Go through the checklist and give yourself points for each of the items that applies to you. Afterwards, add up all the points and see which skin category you fall in for tips/recommendations on how to customize a skincare routine catered to you. Choose only one item per section that best applies to you. I. The Post-Shower Test When you...

Adjust Your Skincare Routine for Fall

by Cindy Sim |

Fall has officially arrived! The air is cooler, dryer, and more crisp . . . is your skin ready for all of this? A change in weather means a change in your skincare routine. Here are a few tips to help your skin transition smoothly into the fall season. Switch to a mild cleanser Keep in mind: a cleanser is...

Common Face Washing Myths Debunked

by Amanda Chen |  | 1 comment

If you're one of those who only washes your face when it feels oily, or washes your face multiple times a day to prevent it from being oily, then you must change your daily habits now! And if you're one of those who buy into anti-aging face cleansers, do so with caution . . . It's all about balance You...

What is the Perfect Face Routine for the Weekend?

by Amanda Chen |  | 1 comment

In our last newsletter, we revealed the ideal face routine for the weekdays. Now, what's in store for the weekend? Weekends are the best time to show your glow. Whether you're pampering or partying, you can use this ideal face routine as a guide for flawless skin this weekend: Friday Friday's the day to try something unique, like a peel...

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