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What Your Ideal Weekly Face Routine Should Be!

by Amanda Chen |

Maintaing a consistent glow for the entire week requires some patience and dedication. Shray can make that process easier for you by guiding you through which kind of face mask to use for each day of the week!


Have a case of the Monday blues? Lighten up with a sheet mask rich in vitamin C and floral essence (like the Go Getter Goddess). The vitamin C can help nourish and plump your skin so you can start your week with glowing skin. The floral essence also provides aroma therapy to brighten your mood.


Since you already used a face mask the day before, you can simply start your Tuesday morning with some light moisturizer. At night, you can use a gel or cream based mask to help maintain your skin's moisture. When using gel/cream masks, you can go to sleep with the dried mask on your face. However, if you have oily/acne prone skin, it is best to wash it off before bed.


You've reached the middle of the week, which means it's time to deep-cleanse your pores! Mud and clay masks help soften the sebum making it easier for your pores to open afterwards. Apply a thick layer of the mask to your skin and use a sponge to remove the mask. This will exfoliate and help remove impurities the best.


As you get closer to the end of the week and start making plans to go out, using sheet masks that double as a makeup primer is the way to go! Choose masks that are rich in sodium hyaluronate, like Ms. Amazing, since they create a silky film on your face that helps your makeup stay on longer. 

So you've made it through the week with glowing skin, but how will you maintain it for the weekend? Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we reveal the ideal weekend face routine so you can be the glowing life of any party!

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