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What Causes Seasonal Skin Allergies?

by Hao-Ching Chang |  | 1 comment

Have you ever experienced cold-like symptoms just as the seasons start to change? What about skin irritations? If the answer is yes, worry not - it's normal! There are many symptoms of seasonal allergies, but the kind that's least talked about is skin allergies. Let's look at why, exactly, do certain people experience skin allergies when seasons change.

When the seasons change, the environment can trigger many allergies - one in particular is skin allergies. This is especially common when the temperature significantly drops in the early morning or evening. Symptoms include feeling itchy and dried out. The reason for these allergic reaction is because once the temperature temporarily rises during the day, we start to sweat. Then, the sweat irritates the our skin, causing breakouts and rashes. Other seasonal skin allergies include itching, peeling, and eczema…etc. To prevent and lessen the severity of these allergies, it is important to understand the structure of the skin and supply the skin of what it needs.    

The outer layer of the skin is a stratum corneum, which is basically a natural wall that protects our body. The cells of the stratum corneum are like bricks. Inside of the cells are natural moisturizing factors, a kind of protein. The skin cells naturally secrete ceramide (natural oil), cholesterol, and fatty acid. These elements are like concrete to fill the gaps between the bricks of the stratum corneum. The skin cells also secrete lipid on top of the bricks to prevent dehydration.

Some people are lucky enough to have genetically healthy skin while others have problematic skin and are prone to skin conditions like eczema and ichthyosis. Even if you do not experience severe skin allergy, you may still have sensitive skin that makes you vulnerable to some skin irritation during the change of seasons. 



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