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SKIN TYPE QUIZ: Do You Really Know What Skin Type You Have?

by Cindy Sim |

Go through the checklist and give yourself points for each of the items that applies to you. Afterwards, add up all the points and see which skin category you fall in for tips/recommendations on how to customize a skincare routine catered to you.

Choose only one item per section that best applies to you.

I. The Post-Shower Test

When you first come out of the shower (after waiting 10 minutes), your face feels oily (+1)

When you first come out of the shower, your T-zone (forehead & nose) is oily, but your cheeks are dry (+2)

When you first come out of the shower, your skin feels dry (+3)

When you first come out of the shower, your skin feels normal (+4)

II. Oil Secretion

Your skin is oily in the summer but dry in the winter (+2)

You breakout often, even when you're not on your menstrual cycle (+1)

Your skin is not too oily and not too dry (+4)

Your skin is dull, rough, or flaky, which causes it to sometimes feels itchy (+3)

III. Complexion 

You have reddish dry patches on your face (+3)

Your forehead and nose looks shiny, but the rest of your face looks dull (+2) 

Your entire face often looks shiny, even shortly after cleansing (+1)

You generally have a bright/radiant complexion (+4)

IV. Pores

You have enlarged pores in your T-zone area (+1)

Your pores are barely visible (+4)

Your pores are small and your skin feels sensitive (+3)

The pores on your nose are visibly bigger than the pores on your cheeks (+2)


Score 4 - 6: You have acne-prone/oily skin

Since your skin produces and overload of oils, it is important to control this secretion while still maintaining a healthy hydration level. Make sure you are using an oil-free moisturizer and face cleansers with salicylic acid or other acne treating functions. For sheet masks, choose ones with acne treating functions too, like our Queen Bee honey infused mask.

Score 7 - 9: You have combination skin (mix of oily + dry)

Just like up to 70% of people, you have combination skin. This means that your T-zone is generally oily and the rest of your face is drier. Use a mild cleanser for your face and go over your T-zone with a cleansing brush. Use moisturizers with salicylic acid and hydrating ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. For sheet masks, Queen Bee, Ms. Amazing, and Go Getter Goddess all work for you!

Score 10 - 12: You have dry/sensitive skin

Fall and winter may be your biggest enemies if you have dry skin. As the weather becomes colder and drier, keeping your skin constantly hydrated with heavier moisturizers and cream based face cleansers is ideal. Make sure your cleanser is not acidic and contains less sodium ions. The best part is our sheet mask, Ms. Amazing, is designed for dry sensitive skin with a super hydrating pore-tightening formula - so throw that into your skincare routine, too!

Score 13+: You have normal skin

Although you may breakout every now and then, you have normal skin. Your skin maintains a balance of oily and dryness. To keep your skin healthy, using cleansers, moisturizers, and sheet masks regularly is important. The best sheet mask for you is Ms. Amazing since it is important to always be hydrated. On days where you break out, Queen Bee is here for you, too.


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