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Adjust Your Skincare Routine for Fall

by Cindy Sim |

Fall has officially arrived! The air is cooler, dryer, and more crisp . . . is your skin ready for all of this?

A change in weather means a change in your skincare routine. Here are a few tips to help your skin transition smoothly into the fall season.

Switch to a mild cleanser

Keep in mind: a cleanser is only for removing the dirt/germs from your skin. All cleansers DO NOT have the function to moisturize your skin. Instead, for softer skin, choose a cleanser with a more basic formula (as opposed to acidic). For example, people who use soap as cleanser in summer should switch to a face wash that contains less sodium ion because more sodium complex will be more basic, which is a stronger cleanser and won't get rid of too much of your skin's natural essential oils.     

Use a creamier moisturizer

Fall is known for its crisp dry air, which means your skin needs a little more help to prevent dryness. A thicker moisturizer can reduce the water loss in your skin and hydrate the outer layer. You can switch to an oil-based moisturizer. 

Use sheet masks regularly

Applying lotion only hydrates the outermost layer of skin, but a sheet mask's hydration penetrates multiple layers of your skin, so your face stays moisturized for a longer period of time. The Ms. Amazing mask for dry skin is enriched with sodium hyaluronate, which holds in the water content of your face.

Recover with retinol . . . and SPF

Summer may be over, but some of its effects still remain. Continue using retinol (vitamin A) serums/lotions to treat any sun-caused spots, lines, and wrinkles from the summer. Similarly, continue applying a small amount of SPF to your face. The UVA rays (those that cause skin cancer and premature aging) are still as strong in the fall as they were in the summer.

Adding these simple changes to your daily skincare routine will help bring your summer glow into the fall. The colder and dryer weather doesn't have to stop you from looking great while you're out pumpkin picking and sipping apple ciders!

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