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A little thought about 30% Hyaluronic Acid from All***

by Amanda Chen |  | 58 comments

Today I read an article from all** about a moisturizer of the brand, P****. After I checked out the ingredient list, I couldn’t stop smiling (or even more...) at that article because it mentioned that this product has 30% of Hyaluronic Acid. I am sorry. I don’t mean to tease the content. But, as a smart customer, you need to think this for a second. First of all, this product doesn’t contain Hyaluronic Acid. Instead, it contains Sodium Hyaluronate. These are 2 different ingredients. Secondly, Sodium Hyaluronate is placed at the 8th position on the list. In terms of the rule for the label, if this ingredient is 30%, then total portion of other ingredients are more than 100%. So, smart as you, can you believe this? Then you may have this question bringing up: how could I choose a good skincare product? I can’t say this in one sentence to conclude all. But the key principle is that “Simple is the best.” If the product has more 12 ingredients, for sure it has major function ingredients in the very small portions. So, it may not be able to verify its claim, especially for anti-aging purpose.

Just a little thought about those commercial words.

Have a nice day.

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