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A Hydration Education for Thirsty Skin: Episode 1

by Hao Wei Chen |

Why is water important for the skin?

The skin is our largest organ, with great surface area, so it makes sense that that it is the most sensitive to the body’s hydration status. Its hydration that gives skin a plump, firm appearance. Our skin should be 60-70% water content. So why do most us walk around with dry, lifeless skin and a cutaneous hydration level of 30%? Most of us are constantly dehydrated.


What does thirsty skin look like?

Looking in the mirror, we see it is droopy, wrinkled, dry, flaking, irritated, red and blemish-prone. In this fast-paced world, we are sucking the vitality and youth from our skin through the environment with constant sun, wind, exercise, and washing, and internally in our bodies with caffeine, alcohol, sleep deprivation and not drinking enough water. (Who else is guilty of all of those?!) 

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