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by Hao Wei Chen |

When it comes to skincare, many of us are discerning about what we put on our faces. Sensitive skin, large pores or allergens can make a fun beauty trial go south– quickly.

The safest method, we’ve found, tend to be treatments that have natural ingredients and are totally transparent about who they benefit. For those of you who need a glow kick, SHRAY, a brand specializing in face masks has three unique products: Queen Bee, Go-getter Goddess and Ms. Amazing.

What makes their products unique is that the masks are made from thin layers of soft wool that are soaked in a silky serum. After one removes the mask from their face, there’s no need to wash off. Just pat with a towel and go, which makes for a great makeup primer.

For those of you who need a hydration boost or have blemish prone skin, we recommend the Queen Bee mask that we tested out. Using honey extract as a natural antibacterial, this mask is full of vitamins and amino acids to calm inflammation and reduce redness.

After a long week, we tried this on a Friday night while soaking the gams. The mask itself drips in liquid –this one smelling of sweet honey– and has cutouts for lips and eyes. Applied for ten minutes, it never quite dries but sticks to the skin providing a serious shock of moisture.


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