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Jacqueline Ryan (NY Fashion Examiner): Preparing your skin for fall

by Hao Wei Chen |

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to change up skin care routines to repair sun kissed skin and prepare for the dry months ahead.

It’s important to get rid of the dead and damaged skin from time spent outside. A great way to kick start your fall skin care regimen is splurging on a facial. Many brands also offer at home masks to help get skin fall ready without the expensive trip to the spa. Shray Skin Care’s Go-Getter Goddess Facial Mask prevents aging, hydrates skin, and helps repair sun damage. 

The most important part of repairing summer skin and preparing it for fall is hydration. With cooler weather comes drier air which can lead to skin easily becoming irritated and itchy. Adding some extra H2O to your diet can help keep skin from drying out during the day, but it’s also worth stocking your bathroom with some extra moisturizing products.

Hydrating skin will keep it looking glowing and youthful, but also has benefits beyond the superficial. The skin is the body’s largest organ and the number one defense against germs and toxins, so taking proper care of skin can help prevent illness, especially for those of us who’s primary source of transportation is public.


Jacqueline Ryan is beauty and fashion expert in New York City. In addition to scoping out the latest trends, talking to the hottest influencers, and attending top fashion events, her favorite past time is taking in the unique style of the city by walking around. Pregnant with her first child, Jacqueline is looking forward to exploring maternity style and the growing subset of maternity clothes. She can usually be found walking her black lab puppy in Riverside Park or taking in one of New York's many museums.   


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